Research & Development

The heart of a great bakery is its research and development department, and Aunt Millie’s Bakeries has one of the most committed departments in the nation. Located in the company’s corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Aunt Millie’s Bakeries’ R&D department is responsible for researching new bakery trends, developing new products, testing these products and determining consumer opinion. These responsibilities are carried out in Aunt Millie’s dedicated R&D laboratory, which was built in 1999.

Because of this department’s expertise – and the meticulous care it takes in doing its job – our bakers excel at developing new and exciting products for our customers and consumers.

Aunt Millie’s R&D laboratory also performs these other functions:

  • Conducting nutritional analyses
  • Creating finished product specifications
  • Scoring and analyzing existing products, to ensure consistent product quality
  • Testing incoming flour quality using near-infrared analysis
  • Analyzing product pH, TTA, moisture content, and water activity
  • Conducting penetrometer testing for softness
  • Determining various product shelf life parameters
  • Assisting with the plant trials of new products