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Allergens and food allergies

We recognize the challenges and needs of our customers who have allergies or sensitivities to nuts, dairy, soy and other allergens. Your safety is our priority, which is why Aunt Millie's always discloses all ingredients on the ingredient statement on our packaging as required by the FDA. Our packaging is the most current and up-to-date source for allergens and ingredient information. For more information on food allergies, visit the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) site.

What allergens are present in your products?
There are 8 major allergens recognized by the FDA: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans.

  • Wheat is present in all our baked goods.
  • Soy has been removed from all buns and dinner rolls producing lines. However, it is still present on all bread lines.
  • Milk is present in some of our dinner rolls and many of our breads. Any item that has the Kosher Pareve symbol, Kosher Pareve symbol, will be dairy free.
  • Eggs are only used in our bagels and donuts. Our bagels and donuts are produced in a separate facility.
  • Peanuts and tree nuts are not used in our bread, buns or rolls facilities. Our Snack Planet donuts line does contain tree nuts (coconut,) and are run on the same production line as peanuts.
  • No crustaceans or any of their by-products are present in any of our facilities. 

How do I determine if an allergen is present in a product?
First, always check our packaging. Our packaging is the most current and up-to-date source for allergen information. To be more transparent with our allergens, we have created this system of production codes, shown below. Look at the production code on the front of the packaging. The first letter of the production code indicates at which bakery the product was baked.

 Code Bakery  Allergen(s) Present
 J Jackson Bread  Wheat, Dairy
 K Kalamazoo Buns  Wheat, Dairy
 KZ Kalamazoo Bread  Wheat
 L Lowell Buns  Wheat
 P Plymouth Buns  Wheat
 PL  Plymouth Bread  Wheat
 S Sidney Buns   Wheat, Dairy

Is there a possibility of cross-contamination in your facility?
In addition to the Good Manufacturing Practices in place at all our bakeries, we have strict polices on the segregation and clean-outs performed whenever an allergen is present, to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur in our facilities. We have documented and verified allergen handling policies.

Do you offer any wheat-free or gluten-free products?
No, we do not. Wheat and gluten are present in all our products.

Do you offer any vegan products?
We have many products that are vegan and some that are not. If a product has dairy (whey or butter) then it would not be vegan. Whey and butter are animal products. To avoid products with dairy, look for the Kosher Pareve symbol. By being pareve, it cannot contain any dairy. The one caveat with Kosher products is if you are avoiding honey. Please read the ingredient legend. Honey is found in some of our Kosher Pareve products, but most do not contain honey.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service at 1 855 755-BAKE (2253) or