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The Popp Family History

At Aunt Millie’s, we are now in our third and fourth generations of leadership. Currently, John Popp and his two sons, Bohn and Chris, lead the company. In the 1980s, John pioneered an innovative distribution strategy that allowed us to serve retailers with superb products using a network of dedicated drivers.

The Popp family themselves regularly engage in taste tests to make sure that Aunt Millie’s is second to none in aroma, flavor, texture, and quality. Who would know better than a family with over 120 years in the bakery business!

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Growing in Our Community

At Aunt Millie’s, we are committed to creating lasting change in our local communities. We make hunger relief a priority and focus on providing food that helps people live their fullest lives. We also support other causes near and dear to our hearts, including women and children, health organizations, and our military and law enforcement heroes.

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Fresh Innovation

At Aunt Millie’s, the drive for innovation is baked into our DNA. We utilize time-proven baking processes, employee teamwork, and ingenuity to create delicious breads that satisfy a wide range of consumers and tastes.

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Research and Bake Team

Our Research and Bake (R&B) team is always working to create the next mouthwatering masterpiece. They’re backed by our bakeries, featuring our team of dedicated employees.

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