About Us

Uniquely Aunt Millie’s

What makes Aunt Millie’s unique? It’s many things. It’s the love of innovation that shows in all facets of our business. It’s the drive and passion to serve customers which has resulted in extraordinary performances. It culminates in a time-honored craftsmanship that is deliciously and uniquely Aunt Millie’s.

120 Years of
Unique Formulas

Aunt Millie’s, throughout its history, has created many unique formulas for its products, more than any other baker we know of. In many cases, these are Aunt Millie’s-only, secret formulas.

The R&B Process

Many traditional companies have a research and development process—Aunt Millie’s takes it a step further. We have an R&B or Research and Bake Process. We believe you can research and experiment, but it all comes down to baking the ideal bread with the finest ingredients. That search for perfection is baked into our DNA. After all, we were known as Perfection Bakery for decades!

Our R&B team searches the nation and the world for the healthiest, natural, and most flavorful ingredients, often traveling in person to ensure they meet Aunt Millie’s exacting standards. Doesn’t your family deserve the best flour and ingredients in their bread? We know they do!

Fresh Innovation

Aunt Millie’s innovates to serve our consumers and their families. Our own Live Carb Smart bread was the result of months of taste testing to ensure fresh, tasty and healthy results for the health-conscious consumer. And to this day, the Popp family engages in taste tests regularly, it’s a family tradition! All this care delivers a bread that is second to none in aroma, flavor, texture and quality. For 120 years and counting, our family is taking care of your family.

At the Speed of Aunt Millie’s

Yes, Aunt Millie’s runs fast for a 120-year-young bakery. Led by the Popp family, the company responds to the needs and desires of its customers. It’s our passion to serve. What better way that than to act?

Research & Bake

Our expert Research & Bake team is always at the ready. Need a brand-new style of bread for a unique customer segment? Aunt Millie’s has done it in a matter of a few weeks, in order to serve our customers.

Baking Team

Our baking team can move on a dime. Using our advanced baking processes, employee teamwork, and ingenuity, we have been asked to bake thousands of loaves of our bread, then package and deliver it to a grocer in need before sun-up the next day. Whether its fighting snowstorms, droughts, or pandemics, Aunt Millie’s puts its customers above all else to deliver and ultimately, satisfy.

Family Owned

Even though over the years, Aunt Millie’s has grown to be a large, highly respected national bakery, in the hearts of all of us, we are still that small family bakery who knows each customer and views them as family. We will do what we can to serve, always.